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Autonomy_Digital is a research centre in the UK Autonomy think tank which seeks to understand the contours of this digital world and develop its potential towards more sustainable and empowering horizons.


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Berliner Gazette

Berliner Gazette (BG) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan team of journalists, researchers, artists and coders, experimenting with and analyzing emerging cultural and political practices. Since 1999 we have been publishing under a Creative Commons License with more than 1,000 contributors from all over the world. In dialogue with our network we create annual projects, exploring the issues at hand not only in the form of text series but also conferences and books. The latest BG projects include Black Box East (2021), Silent Works (2020), More World (2019), Ambient Revolts (2018), Signals (2017), A Field Guide to the Snowden Files (2017), Friendly Fire (2017), Tacit Futures (2016), UN|COMMONS (2015), BQV (2012), and McDeutsch (2006).


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Digitale Medien

Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin










The Institute of Network Cultures

The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) analyzes and shapes the terrain of network cultures through events, publications, and online dialogue. Its projects evolve around urgent publishing, alternative revenue models, critical design and making, digital counter culture and much more.


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The Data Politics Lab invites cooperation partners such as academic and non-academic institutions, media representatives, artists and the creative and cultural sectors, policy makers, activists and political groups. Possible forms of cooperation:


  • Shared events and resources
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Research collaboration
  • Communication support


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